Valuable Google Webmaster Tool Videos on SEO & Internet Marketing

A select group of videos from Google Webmaster Tools YouTube channel, related to SEO, PPC, and social media initiatives

Disavow Links

Matt Cutts explains the "Disavow links" feature of Google Webmaster Tools. Learn more about how to use the disavow links feature on our blog and in our Help ...

What is Google's View on Guest Blogging for Links?

This video was made as a response to the question of how Google views guest blogging for link building. Matt Cutts indicates that while there is value in this initiative, caution must be taken to not abuse this tactic and to create quality content (not shortcuts)

What Percentage of PageRank is Lost through a 301 Redirect?

The truth is, a 301 redirect and a link pass the same amount of PageRank. There is no more dilution of PageRank with a 301 redirect when compared to using a normal link.

Is There a Limit to How Many 301 (Permanent) Redirects I Can Do on a Site?

Is there a limit to how many 301 (Permanent) redirects I can do on a site? How about how many redirects that are chained together?


Matt Cutts talks about cloaking. Learn more in our Help Center:

Should I Structure My Site Using Subdomains or Subdirectories? - YouTube

Pros and cons for why to choose sub-domains or sub-directories.

Does Google Still Need Text to Understand My Site?

Matt Cutts response and recommendations associated to the use of images on a site and their weight in terms of relevance in comparison to text

How Can a Legitimate Business Compete Online?

Ranking being so valuable, how does a true biz owner that offers a legitimate business and has a vast number of customers supposed to gain the traffic "deser...

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